Monday, April 4, 2011

Album art that I find pertains more to what I'm trying to make....

I recently discovered another album artist off of whose art is PERFECT for what I am trying to make for Perennial. Agnes Montgomery is a collage artist, so literally only uses glue and scissors and paper in his work. I like his images because they are made up of images from elsewhere to create beautiful new images.

This is a lot like what my boyfriend's band does when creating their music. They take music from other places and combine it and distort it and edit it to make an entirely new, beautiful sound. The random yet organized effect created by Montgomery's images is exactly what I envision for a Perennial cover. However, in my eyes I don't have as many obvious images, but more of a chaotic assortment of colors and shapes taken from images. We will see, I just have to play around with this idea.

Agnes Montgomery's website


  1. I am really excited to see what you come up with! You seem to have great ideas about your project, but just need to get started! I think this will be a great experience for you, as you will get an opportunity to utilize different programs to create your poster, album cover, etc.

  2. Thanks, Anam, I'm pretty excited about this project too!

  3. Nice, highlighting the similarities between collage and sampling will bring cohesion.
    I enjoyed looking at Agnes Montgomery's work--are there other collage artist's that you're drawn to?
    Will your album cover and poster be done by hand or digitally?
    Also, something to think about--what kind of role will these things you mentioned in the post--beauty, chaos, and order--have in your work, conceptually and aesthetically?