Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So this week I got to use a giant(!) scanner that in Science Hall. It fit my entire 13X13 album cover on it, so I am pretty pumped. There it is, up there...I didn't edit it in Photoshop or anything so the colors may be a bit dull, and I don't think it will upload on here much larger than it did in my last post, but at least nothing is cut off.

Along with getting to use a giant scanner this week, I've been researching the work of Christian Marclay. Marclay was popular in the 80s because of his weird collag-y type work that incorporated music a lot of the time. 
I don't really want to say much about his work right now other than that I am fascinated by the way he combines art and music and blurs the lines between the two. He has even recorded "albums" that focus on this concept, such as an album that he released where he placed thousands of vinyls on the ground of an art exhibit and then let people walk on them, the scratches from the walking becoming the music. He is really fascinating and I hope to write my research paper on him.

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  1. I like your album cover very much. Good work!