Saturday, November 19, 2011

Final Project

The Fight

Although I am slightly exhausted at this point in the term, I am still happy with my final video. I called it "The Fight." I got the idea when I had a fight with my boyfriend, Josh, about smoking cigarettes, but it goes much deeper than this petty little argument that we commonly have. I realized that often times when I get into arguments with my friends it is much easier to text them or call them or send them a Facebook message than it is to confront them face to face. I really wanted this video to show our decreasing ability to confront each other directly due to these other, digital forms of communication that are available to us.

Struggling to not make it too heavy-handed, like with the last project, I tried to create a mood with:

1. The placement of the actors (Me and Josh) to create a feeling of distance even though we are close together.
2. The strobe light to create a feeling of anxiety.
3. One single, continuous shot.
4. Overlapping two takes to create more depth in the shot.
5. A silent "soundtrack." I really struggled with this one. I tried a bunch of different noises but in the end the silence just said more than any song or noise could have.

I had fun with this project, I hope you enjoy it. Also, mad props go to David Lynch, who uses the strobe light effect in the finale episode of Twin Peaks. He's the man.


  1. I really like this video because it is very different from others. It looks like a horror movie with a deep idea about using media to communicate with someone indirectly. The use of scient sound is very brave because the sound will distract. The srobe light and the dark background create a serious and anxious mood.

  2. I really liked your video. I think you really effectively manipulated the medium in a manner that just never would have occurred to me. Just based on your previous work this term it seems like you're really familiar with using digital media to make art, and that comfort really comes through in your art. I also think that making the video silent was a really strong choice. The video is so dramatic that sound might take away from the impact that the images have.

  3. I've admired this whole term how you boldly express your ideas in a way that is jarring and impacting. As you developed your artwork from the photographs depicting facebook and how people need "friend" signs to this short video which portrays a similar theme, you have managed to get to the core issue, while creatively and strongly conveying your opinion.

  4. I feel like you made a very strong statement with this piece. I agree with your point about a lack of sound. You created a large amount of tension with how you presented it and the dark segments give the viewer a feeling of anxiety, because I know I wanted to know what was coming next. You really executed your idea, but it wasn't overdone or too obvious. I also love how the lack of sound points directly to modern communication like texting and email.

  5. Your video was perception altering. Changing the rhythm of the video and the duration of the image hanging on the screen, it becomes disorienting and uncomfortable. We are reminded of images by Picasso and Frances Bacon. The strobe coming from a computer screen and the other light source being a cigarette made a statement about technology in our lives and the silent screen that is texting and facebooking with text rather than communicating through voice face to face.