Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cherries, collaboration, other things....

And, finally, the moment of truth: My video is inspired by the quote,
"The cherries had been plucked at
midnight, and
the coldness of the moon had entered into them."
Quite possibly the most beautiful combination of words that has ever been spoken or written in the history of the universe. I knew I must use these words for something the moment I read them in Oscar Wilde's classic book, "The Picture of Dorian Gray."

•Video will revolve around anxieties and depressive feelings about winter

•Set in a dreary winter day

•Will revolve around the feeling of absolute cold

•Not a literal interpretation of the text-more about the imagery of cold, winter, cherries

Partial storyboard/ line that I came up with:
1.Starts with quote being spoken 

2.Slowly pans/fades into an image of person (me) sitting on a chair

3.Long, straight-on, agonizing shot of me

4.Maybe views from the side as well

5.Would like there to be fades in and out throughout the shot

6.Ending- TBA

(I am very reluctant to give away too many details, as you can see.)

Cinematography that has inspired me recently:

"The Tree of Life," 2011 Terrence Malick 

Sounds that I find to be appealing:
Dolphins Into the Future for "Canto Arquipelago," 2012

For my video, here are some ideas I had for sounds and what each sound will represent:
Occasional attack to reflect anxious mood

•Some percussive sounds: anxiety

•White noise background: also anxiety

•Vocals: discomfort

•Low Bass: depressive mood

•Violin: melancholy

•Saxophone: discomfort

I have met with my two collaborators, and we seem to be on the same page. It is weird for me to collaborate with people, quite honestly. The only other person I have really collaborated with is my boyfriend, and it was less of a collaboration and more of me telling him what to do. This is a good thing for me to learn, and also for my composers to learn.


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing this video, I think your music will really help the video get the feel that you want for it. What you have given us so far is a teaser and I really like that idea.

  2. The quote you selected is incredibly striking and I like that you know what kind of emotion you want to portray, but not exactly how the video will turn out. Also, as you've picked a winter theme, it will be interesting to see how your personal feelings about the cold translate into the work.

  3. The quote, in fact, is so beautiful. I am glad you are so excited and inspired for this project, for that exact reason I am looking forward to looking at your final product. I know it will be awesome, especially because you have surprises! Playing around with camera angels and close-ups will help your video to be striking. Have fun experimenting with the camera!

  4. Rachele-
    Your proposed ideas seem to capture / express your chosen text. I was moved and also interested in the examples of cinematography and sound that you chose as inspirations!

    "A Tree of Life" seems to be an emotion overload ...3 things are driving/defining the emotion: 1) the sound composition 2) the intense facial expressions of the close-ups and 3) the symbolism of events/actions that are universal to family and human relations.
    What is interesting about your sound example, Dolphins Into the Future for "Canto Arquipelago," is how the sound is so removed from the image!
    I get what your influences are - I like the disconnect you are suggesting in not wanting to be literal.......My questions are: What space or location will you be sitting in a chair?? -Will these shots be interiors looking outside to exterior? or a combination of interior / exterior??? Visually - How will you make the audience FEEL this cold??? FEEL the anxiety?? - FEEL the depression ??? will it be in the camera work or more conveying in the sound or facial expressions?
    Great ideas so far!

  5. Hi Cathy,

    Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad I communicated ideas pretty well through this post...I was worried they wouldn't come through. A lot of your actual questions would be answered if I wasn't so hesitant to share the "plot" details of my film. I really just don't want to give anything away, as I see it as a sort of performance piece. Suffice to say, the audience will feel VERY cold : )

  6. The visual and sound samples you presented seemed to reflect the capabilities of the small and portable digital cameras that can get close and at odd angles not possible with bulky larger cameras. The soundscape seems perfectly 21st century. Not sure how you will keep your video totally secret as we will be looking at "rough cuts" on Feb 7. That is a nearly finished piece that we will all look at and discuss possibilities for improvement...