Monday, January 23, 2012

In(capable of)Design

Cover Image

So, I think I made an okay book in InDesign. I'm not totally sure. I found the program to be a bit confusing. But then again I thought Final Cut Pro was confusing too, and now I'm like, acceptable at it...I think. Anyways, I had to export my project as a PDF at least 20 times to get a sense of what it actually looks like. I wish there was a "Preview" button in InDesign like there is in Blogger so that I could see what I am doing. I have never really thought of myself as a designer, so a program called "InDesign" is relatively intimidating just by default.

Technical difficulties aside, I do like my concept. Like my video for this project I decided to focus on color and the idea that color (because color in food equals health) is just a mirage in the food desert. I grouped images together that I thought encompassed the ideas of scenery, water, health, growth, and, of course, color. The images were mostly horizontal, at first except for the last page where there was one page of vertical pictures, but then I reorganized and made everything horizontal. I tried to accurately portray a kind of relational aesthetic with this photo set. Although I didn't do much interacting with people on my walk, I think these logos and colorful images acted as a kind of interpersonal reaction, because it is people who made these signs, people who want me to look at them and think that they are selling colorful, healthy food.

I wasn't sure how to post a link to my PDF, but here is a link to my Flickr Set as a reminder of which images I used.


  1. I also had quite a few problems with InDesign, and I'm glad it wasn't just me who had problems. I think part of this project isn't the physical art but has a lot ot do with how the art occurred, and for you, it was an experience of the ideas of scenery, water, antioxidants, growth and color, and for me it was something slightly different, and you can do your best to convey that, but it might not always work, as with any art piece and it's all about how it is perceived.

  2. I think that through your images you have portrayed your experience as a contemporary traveler. Especially with the cover page, it is clear how you experienced the "food desert" and how the colorful depictions of food are in the end a delirium. I think you did a great job with indesign, especially because you have portrayed very successfully your intent through the images.

  3. I am totally with you on not being able to truly grasp what the final project will look like without exporting it to PDF. I think a preview function would make a world of difference in accessibility. I really like how you organized your book, continuing your mirage theme. You drew attention to things that are easily overlooked, such as the landscapes on so many food packages. It is crazy to think about that subtle advertising laing seeds in all of our minds, trying to convince us that in a food desert, things don't seem as bleak as reality proves that they are.

  4. Your pictures of the food advertising imagery pointed toward the desperate attempts to align processed foods and experiences to adventurous and natural things like rolling hills and snow covered mountains. Though we read Baudrillard's Simulations in the 1980s when it first came out, we're just beginning to see his ideas fully played out in the world around us. Your approach to this project would be a case in point.

  5. I thought your presentation went really well, especially for your first time using InDesign. It's a pretty tedious program to use and you have to be a fairly finicky pedant to get everything formatted perfectly. I thought your use of associative imagery as a commentary or a guide through your journey.