Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project Therapy?

My last project of the term isn't what it would have been if bad things weren't happening in my life right now. I'll leave it at that. I'm not about to start using Blogger as therapy. Instead I used my project as therapy. I wanted to experiment with larger themes of body vs. mind in relation to a larger context, ie; the universe or the world, but also show how technology plays into these themes in the digital age that we live in today, the whole time relating all of this to my personal life. Think of it as a journal entry in video form, though slightly less angsty and hopefully more eloquent.

The text was written by me and placed over disorienting shots of the body (when I say disorienting I mean that you just can't tell what the heck you're looking at). I then used a lot of effects in Final Cut to show A.) what Final Cut can do and B.) how technology can be used to distort very natural forms.

Does my project have a relational aesthetic? If I think about it in comparison to Christine Hill, I would have to say absolutely not. Christine reaches out to people rather than focusing on her own little world like I have done with this project. She involves other people in her work, she talks with them, and she interacts with them. She benefits from her work financially, but she is more generous with what her work provides other people. I think my project might only speak to someone if they were going through the exact things that I am going through right now. You could stumble upon Christine's work at any time and benefit from its genius and heck, maybe even buy a new t-shirt.

I suppose I would have to step out of my journal entry a little bit more if I want my work to be relational. You can view my video below:

Brain Dance

Monday, March 5, 2012

Collaborative Ups and Downs

This was a great learning experience. As I mentioned earlier, I do not have much experience with collaboration. It was interesting, in my case, that my composers decided to split up halfway through the project, because I got differing results from each composer. Kari listened to my musical input and put careful consideration into the soundscape she composed. She also interpreted my ideas in her own artistic way, which added more to the soundscape than even I could have anticipated. I don't think either of us were offended or put off when the other suggested something, and we both respected each other's ideas. I'm very happy with Kari's video.
Connor is a talented artist in his own way, but we did not exactly see eye to eye. It's ok though because, like I said, he is still talented and has good musical ideas...he just wasn't interested in my ideas. I can relate-I hate other people's ideas!

I think all of this collaboration stuff relates to Nicolas Bourriaud because he talks so much about how the world that we live in today is contained in a rectangle that is the screen. I had a lot of trouble trying to convey to my composers that my video was not just a video but a performative piece. I think a lot of people will just see it as a rectangle on a screen but it is more than that to me. I guess this is the "trap of illustration" that artists in the digital age fall into sometimes.

You can view Connor's and Kari's videos below:

Connor's Video

Kari's Video