Monday, January 14, 2013

Beginning of Landscape Art

So, I haven't really blogged in awhile, unfortunately. I have kind of missed it, so I'm glad I have the chance to start blogging again for my senior project. For this project I am creating landscapes out of food, and then photographing the landscapes as if they are a "real" landscape. The photographs will be the finished work. This week I created the first one and photographed it. Here's a photo of it in the process of being made:

For this first one I decided to do a desert (maybe because it's cold out?) It is made out of melted caramel, chili powder, brown sugar, glue, and, ultimately, veggie chips (the red blobs you see in there I decided to change). The next step after it was made was to photograph it as if it were a "real"landscape. Here are two of the photographs that I think are the most successful:

I will have to decide which of these I think better fit the idea of being "phenomenological," or, looking as though you could move through the landscape. I will also want a second opinion on what to do with the sky and background. I edited the color in Photoshop so that it wasn't pure white, and looked more like a "sky," but I am not sure if I quite like it, because even in these small images it looks pretty artificial...not that the whole entire photograph isn't "artifical."

The other thing I need to decide is whether or not to include in my project some of the landscapes I made over winter break, which I didn't like at the time, but which I am now starting to reconsider, such as this one:

My problem with it now is that it isn't made entirely out of food, and then I would have to change my entire thesis for my project. 

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