Saturday, January 26, 2013

Experimentation or sabotage?

Today I took videos of some of my landscapes and was planning to experiment with them in Final Cut, however, I can't figure out how to get the videos from the camera to the computer. So instead I messed around in Photoshop, which resulted in an experiment I don't feel too sure about. I photoshopped some of my landscapes onto different backgrounds from photographs of "real" landscapes. What's the verdict?:

I am not totally sure how I feel about these, particularly the desert one. There really are no rules here, and no way that these are "supposed" to look. They aren't even supposed to look entirely real. I just don't want them to look too "fake" though.


  1. These are gorgeous so far! The light and color palette pop. Curious to see them large and "enveloping"...definitely plan to blow one up to 24x32...are you shooting them at the highest possible resolution?

  2. Yes I am shooting them at the highest resolution with my Canon, I haven't had any trouble blowing up images I've taken with that camera in the past