Friday, January 25, 2013

Frosted Fail

This week's attempt did not go so well. I tried to make an arctic scene (probably a reaction to our recent sub zero temperatures), and the sculpture itself turned out all right, but I failed disastrously with the lighting and photography. I also didn't take any pics of this in the process of being made because it was such a mess. I dyed corn syrup with blue food coloring and then attempted to take photos of it using natural light while the corn syrup ran all over the place. When I looked at the photos afterward it seemed like a stretch to find even one that I liked. This one was probably the most successful:

I definitely did not achieve that pure "winter light" that you often see in photographs of arctic scenes. It was more of a fading, 3:00 PM kind of light. I should have used some non-natural lighting to get some more detail in the darker tones. I'm embarrassed, but here's an example of a bad one:

The lighting and color is disastrously bad on this one. I can't even go back and retake these photos either because the landscape was so messy I had to trash it right away. The good news is that I am planning on making more landscapes than photographs I am using in the show so I will be able to pick and choose which ones I like; I won't necessarily have to use these.

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