Monday, February 4, 2013

Honey Buzzin'

I'm slightly behind where I wanted to be this week, making progress nonetheless. Today I finished and photographed Landscape 4 which was inspired by the Badlands in South Dakota. I made almost the entire landscape out of this disproportionately large bag of cereal that I found at Woodman's called "Honey Buzzers":

I think it is absolutely insane that this size of cereal bag even exists. And the cost of it: around $3! Only in America could you find this kind of bulk size. Unhealthy cereal to feed a family of....6? Ridiculous. I am glad that I found a better use for this non-nutritional cereal. Here's Landscape 4 in the process:

I have decided that placing these landscapes onto backgrounds from "real" photographs of landscapes gives them the look that I am going for. Without them they just look too composed. That being said, I am having trouble with the Honey Buzzers landscape this week. I can't decide what to do with the background. Here's two that I like, but neither of them are completely right.

I think I like the image on the top more because if you compare it to an actual picture of the Badlands, it is similar in lighting.

I think I will try printing the top image to see how it looks and then decide from there.

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