Friday, February 15, 2013

(Back) Into the Wild

This week I had a lot more success with achieving images that I am happy with. After a week of writer's block, I feel like I'm back on track. I have a more focused concept that is giving me more guidance when I create the images. I am now certain that these landscapes need to have a more specific location. Therefore I am basing each one of them (and will subsequently title them) off of a specific national park. They were already loosely based off of national parks, so luckily there is no need to recreate them. This week's park was Redwood National Park. I just watched a documentary about how environmentalists violently objected the cutting down of these magnificent trees in the 1970s and that 99% of the ancient redwood trees that existed in the entire world have been cut down. Therefore I felt that I should definitely include this park in my project. The material of the week: cinnamon sticks that I found in the "ethnic foods" section of Woodman's, oregano, and, of course, frosting (there are so many different types).

I am very happy with the way that this landscape turned out. The dilemma this week is to decide between natural and harsh lighting. Here's the two options:

I am drawn more to the second option because it looks more like a forest would look because not that much sunlight gets under a forest canopy.

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