Saturday, March 2, 2013


Running out of ideas of how to use candy, I switched to something that actually has some nutritional value (I am starting to sound like a foodie). Incorporating broccoli into my most recent foodscape felt a little bit like a cop out, however, it does make some pretty enticing fake trees. This week I received a grant for materials, so I was finally able to resupply on food, and I guess I decided to "splurge" on the broccoli (although it was considerably cheap given that it is out of season at the moment-Woodman's strikes again!). I enjoy the result because it looks organic, much like the last foodscape (Redwood National Park). This week's park of choice was Everglades National Park.

Here is my poor, massacred broccoli.

And my setup before half a gallon of syrup was poured onto it.

And, a cool, accidental photograph.

And, finally, the finished product.

The process of creating the finished product felt much more like I was "making" a photograph, a concept I am slowly learning in the darkroom this term (although the process is 100% different in Photoshop than in the darkroom). The foreground was copied and pasted onto a gradient background, which I then had to blur heavily to make it look like it wasn't copied and pasted. I then had to pick a consistent tone for the entire photo to make the gradient background look natural, and to give the whole photo the impression that it was taken at sunset (Impression: Sunset- ART JOKE). This project is starting to feel a lot less like photography and more like a digital and physical construction project.

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