Thursday, April 4, 2013

Don't Get Hungry Or It's Pornography

I wanted to elaborate a little bit more on where this video thing is going. The video is supposed to act as the source for the National Parks give them a bit more context, or give them a reason for existing outside the context of just existing for the senior exhibition. The entire project is one big advertising scheme for a false candy National Park land that isn't real (feeling eerily similar to the terrifying world of Disney). So, the postcards will act as a snap shot of supposed "footage" of National Parks placed in this faux-documentary/advertising setting.

The video is a hybrid of two sources: An actual interview from the Ken Burns documentary "The National Parks: America's Best Idea" (which I love, and you should watch all of it at some point in your life, but also hate because of the obvious negation of the fact that America created the National Parks in a desperate attempt to preserve the few natural resources we didn't destroy in a greedy industrialization frenzy), and 1950s candy commercials. The music is reappropriated from a promotional video for Rocky Mountain National Park.

The video will be displayed in conjunction with National Park paraphernalia (TBD-mugs might prove to be too expensive) and one enlargement of one landscape that will act as a mock-poster.

This is the newest draft, which I view as an almost complete draft. The last thing I would like to do is add a clip of me eating at the end. Because, really, what is an art project done by me if I'm not eating something?

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