Monday, April 15, 2013

So Tasty I Could Spend a Week There

The similarities/ connections between my work and Jean Beaudrillard's (I strongly recommend that you do NOT read this link) ideas are the fact that a lot of my work was inspired by the idea of a theme park, specifically the heinously terrifying world of Disney.


What I mean by this is that my work is supposed to feel like you could physically step into it, even though you know that it isn't "real" (that is, a real photograph of a National Park). Once you have the physical sensation of moving through the work, then other sensory reactions start to happen as well. Maybe you will think that you can smell it, or taste it, or feel it. It is supposed to give you the same kind of reaction that eating sweet, sugary food would give you. You will become addicted to it, like the Disney-crazed tourists that pile into Disney year after year, spending more and more money on something that is completely fake, but is supposed to make them feel happy and high, and to give them an escape from life. Like sugar.

Baudrillard talks a lot about this in his book Simulations, and how Disney has become a "hyperreal" escape from the "real" world of America, even though it seems to embody what the "real" America actually is. Also, it is based off of worlds that never even existed in the first place, or they kind of existed, but once they were Disneyfied they became so watered down or oblivious to the realities of this world that they were completely unrecognizable from their original form (example: Aladdin -----> based off of Arabian Nights -----> based off of racist, Orientalist ideas from 19th century philosophers).

I don't know if people will necessarily immediately think of Disney when they see my work, but I hope they will at least think of a theme park or amusement park. I think that the massive size 32x40 photographs will help portray the physical sensations that I get from creating the works (smell, taste, etc.) This is the photograph that I decided to blow up to the massive scale: 

Yellowstone National Park in Condiments 40x32


  1. There seems to be a dead link for the first image...? something to do with Disney.

  2. I actually kind of want to eat the sculptures in your photos, until I find out what they are actually made out of. Which in a way I think it is similar to the feeling of wanting to go to disney world and then knowing what is behind the huge corporation.. it makes the entire idea kind of repulsive. Also, I think that the environmentalist idea behind it is incredible, we are replacing what mother earth has created with plastic man made atrocities. Keep up with this project, it is really really powerful!