Friday, April 19, 2013


Everything is almost done, and it's bitter sa-weet. I have officially ordered and received all my mugs, postcards, and large prints. I am super happy with the way Vistaprint and Moo printed my images on their products, and today I will see how Avenue Art dry-mounted my Inkjet prints. Here's a preview of some mugs and postcards:

I also received more money from the Mellon Senior Experience Grant so I will be able to order more memorabilia to put up for sale. I decided that this is a really good opportunity to try and sell art work and that I should take advantage of it. Plus, the mugs seem to be in high demand!

At some point I will put up photographs of my potential installation setup ideas, but as of right now I am still kind of hazy on how it is all going to work as an exhibit.

The last leftover to take care of is some of the actual landscapes, which are still sitting in the back of the sculpture room at Wriston (sorry, Rob). Here is some really disgusting documentation of their current state:


The most disgusting thing about them is that they haven't changed a bit. They look exactly as they did on the day that I photographed them. No mold, no evidence of aging, no nothing. The only thing that has really changed is the consistency. A lot of the materials, like the syrup, jelly, and frosting, were soft and malleable when I was using them, and now they are all as hard as rocks. So, if anyone is hungry and looking for a crunchy snack while they are working at Wriston, feel free to stop in the back room....

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  1. This always makes me laugh; sorry, not at you, with you. I love this whole thing and I want a mug. Guess I better get my butt to the opening, huh?