Friday, June 28, 2013

The Art of Junk (or Junk Art) (or Jart)

Today me and some of my artistic comrades ventured over the border into the most wonderful state out of the entire 50, Wisconsin (a whole 3 miles away). My conviction of Wisconsin's greatness was further solidified because of the difference in shops in the downtown area of Taylors Falls, MN and St. Croix Falls. Taylors Falls has the mandatory small-town cutesy bead shops and a pretty rad yarn shop. It also has a mini-golf place called Adventure Falls, so obviously as small towns go it's probably one of the best. But what Taylors Falls does NOT have is THIS:

THIS is the greatest junk shop of all time. Not only did this place have some high-quality junk, but they had some high-quality junk art. By junk art I mean mysterious folk art/outsider-art objects, concocted out of junk, that are so peculiar that one can only begin to speculate about their origin. Why are they here? Why did these people feel so insistent on creating them? How did they end up in a junk shop? oOoOoOoOoO...We will probably never know... The first piece of art I saw was in the bathroom because of course my bladder insists that I always pee when my life is at the height of adventure. So while I was peeing in urgency I got to stare at this, and it sort of stared at me back: 

Bathroom Fishie by Mystery Artist #1

(I'm going to make up a title for each piece). It's not the most mysterious of the treasures hidden in Junkland, but it is pretty adorable nonetheless. Moving on I saw more and more fascinating gems such as:

pEYEnapples by Mystery Artist #2

This title is dedicated to Alli Cochrane.

What You Gonna Do With All that Skunk? by Mystery Artist #3

Sticking with the Wisconsin vibe, this definitely reminds me of the Milwaukee Art Museum's Folk Collection.

The Doll that Lives in Your Attic and Scares you When You're Five by Mystery Artist #4

This will definitely keep me up tonight.

Duck and Eggs on Egg by Mystery Artist #5

Someone really didn't like chickens.

First in Flight by Mystery Artist #6

No papercuts!

Welcome to the Planet by Mystery Artist #7

Yep, that's a fetus.

You've Got Scales by Mystery Artist #8

Nothing measures up to this! Lolz

CAT SCRATCHING POST!!! by Mystery Artist #10

If only my cats were still alive.

SquAir Guitar by Mystery Artist #11

This place was also a legit music shop with non-junk instruments!

Turtle-Barrow by Mystery Artist #12

Just plain cute.

So basically this was the greatest place on earth and you all need to go. Main drag, St. Croix Falls, WISCO. 


  1. Too funny. What a great place. :)

  2. Any art with a skunk in it is good art...isn't it the best feeling when you find such a comrades...soul mates...divine!