Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Profit vs. Nonprofit: It All Starts With Shoes

Shoes: Dr. Scholl's
Feet: Hurt anyways
Shirt: Unflattering blue
Back: Also hurts
Head: Yeah that too
People you talk to: People who care about hair in their bathtub
People you work with: People who are incredibly sorry about hair in the bathtub
Back: SUPER hurts
Daily tasks: Redundant, listed in a manual
Smells: Air freshener
Sights: The same wallpaper every day
Sounds: Lobby music
The things you say: Things you don't believe in
Daily mission: To convince yourself you actually want to be there
End of the day: Complete and utter relief

Shoes: Neon
Feet: If they hurt, take a break
Shirt: Anything from Lawrence University to Forever 21
Back: If it hurts, take a break
Head: Hurts from too many ideas
People you talk to: People who are interested in those ideas
People you work with: People who want to watch Twin Peaks at the end of the day
Back: It hurts, but at least there's free food in the break room 
Daily tasks: Surprise me
Smells: Good food, fresh air, freshly cut wood, bonfire
Sights: Art, sunshine, clouds, grass, art
Sounds: KMOJ- The People's Station
The things you say: Things you believe that others should believe in
Daily mission: Convincing people to see the world in a different way
End of the day: Accomplishment, dinner, possible dance party


Non- Profit

The End

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