Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Some days you wake up and realize you will never be able to go to all the places in the world.

1. Marfa, Texas
Donald Judd and There Will Be Blood

2. Colorado City, Arizona
Fundamentalist mormons

3. Kegonsa, Wisconsin

4. Granada, Nicaragua

5. Punta Arenas, Chile
The world's largest city in the southern hemisphere 

6. Upper Slaughter, UK
I almost went here when I was in England, but the bus wasn't running that day

7. Grand Portage State Park, MN
The last actual "place" in MN before you get to Canada

8. The Faroe Islands (off the SE corner of Iceland)
Whale slaughter

9. Angermanland, Sweden

10. Snoqualmie, WA
Recognize this waterfall?

This website is my soul mate: Atlas Obscura.
"Close your eyes and spin the globe."

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