Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What Should I Do With My Life #8,645

1. Run away to Bozeman
2. Run away to Denver
3. Go to grad school in Iceland
4. Move to Minneapolis
5. Move anywhere and stop caring about what job I have
6. Finally go to California-I've never been there
7. Apply for an internship at North House Folk School in Grand Marais, MN and become Scandinavian
8. Work for all the National Parks that I possibly can
9. Go back to Yellowstone and work there for awhile
10. Stay put- I've got an ideal situation right where I am
11. Open up a shop like Buffalo Exchange (location TBA)
12. Try to marry Face Hunter
13. Try to get hired at The Kohler Arts Center
14. Actually finish a project
15. Try to get an internship or job at The National Museum of Wildlife Art
16. Save up and go to Valparaiso, Chile
17. Save up and go to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
18. Save up and go to Sweden
19. Save up and go to Norway
20. Save up and go to Alaska
21. Save up and go to....


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  1. there are many more insects than people. beautiful video.