Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Girl's RULE!!!!!!!

Pete Bastiansen is on hold, 
and the weather is cold. 
Here are some drawings I did 
when I was approximately 9-10 years old


Some kind of hybrid human

Girl's RULE (also, quite possibly the funniest thing that ever existed)

Fashion Show

20 Pounds!

Although these drawings are mostly just sidesplittingly hilarious, they also remind me a lot of what I know about outsider/untrained art because they were done by a person who had a genuine urge to create, but few legitimate creative outlets. This person was me, during those long and boring hours that an elementary school kid doesn't truly know how to fill when left to their own devices. As an approximately 9-10 year-old I didn't have a whole lot of life experience. Therefore, the only thing I had to draw came from my own moderate imagination. I didn't look at any subjects when drawing, I just drew what I thought looked good. I imagine that the bulky rendering of the human female form came from the fact that I was a gymnast at the time, but I am only speculating. I know that liked clothes, and I liked other girly things, and I drew them because that's what I liked. I didn't particularly like turkey, although my hypothesis is that I got quite excited around Thanksgiving time when we got that 20-pounder to feed the whole family. Kids are hungry people.

Looking at these drawings I am specifically (if not eerily) reminded of a certain artist, Pearl Blauvelt, a Pennsylvanian shut-in who created many drawings of her modest life during the early 20th century.

Pearl Blauvelt, "Stockings," (nd)

I won't say that my 9-10 year old-self had anywhere near the unintentional artistic talent that Blauvelt did, but I would like to think that if somehow 9-10 year old me and the late Pearl Blauvelt were to be locked in a room together, we might have had some fun. We were both drawing what we knew, and what we saw in front of us, which just so happened to be our domestic surroundings. 

Perhaps we could have drawn a stocking fashion show, or maybe, in a mentor/mentee-type situation she could have convinced me to draw some girls with a little less side boob.


  1. so can you run out and get a sketchbook and get back to where you left off here? or did it get beaten out of you in some lousy art class...

  2. Haha, I think at least the food as subject matter thing was enhanced by my art classes!