Wednesday, January 15, 2014

List of Stupid/Embarrassing Things I Have Done So Far At My New Job

1. Asked a preschooler if she knew how to read.
2. Waved enthusiastically across the room at someone I thought I knew but didn't.
3. Asked a cafe waitress whether or not I need a master's degree to work in exhibitions (overheard by at least two staff members).
4. Walked through an exhibit that was being torn down despite the fact that there was a large sign on the door reading: "Exhibition Staff Only."
5. Realized that this was not the first time I had walked through a rotating exhibition and had in fact previously asked an exhibitions staff member if he "needed help."
6. Introduced myself to a group of volunteers that I thought were staff members.
7. Struck up a 45-minute conversation with a Lawrence Alumni while I was supposed to be helping with a class.
8. Mistakenly asked the staff photographer whether or not he had been to the center before.
9. Gave lame and awkward handshakes to a plethora of important people.
10. Got a bladder infection my second day on the job.


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