Thursday, April 24, 2014

I had been there before

Yesterday I got to go back to Lawrence.
It was kind of like this picture, which I took there about a year ago.
Everything was familiar, but kind of turned upside down.

Instead of learning, I taught.
Instead of paying, I got paid.
Instead of celebrating 50 Days, I crashed 50 Days.

I would like to call attention to the Digital Processes Blog. The guys in this class are doing some great work, and I hope you will take the time to check out some of their videos. It felt like a special privilege to be able to judge their work (even if it was on a scale of quinoa-elbow mac). It gave me a lot of perspective on how much I've learned since being out of school. I hope the things I talked about weren't too depressing. But sometimes we all need a little tough love. Thanks for having me, and good luck to the seniors who will be graduating soon!

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  1. actually thought the quinoa scale was one of the more brutal academic rating systems out there.