Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I have finally been to America

Brought my camera
to Detroit.
Just want to take pics.
My biggest fear is to exploit.
Starting to feel
kind of scared.
I'm not sure I was prepared.

Food stamps at the Farmer's Market.
Trade them in for coins.
Everything smells kind of old.
We saw a neighborhood made
from abandoned toys.
Is it burning,
or are we just paranoid?

A desert, forest, city
all in one.
Walk to the neighborhood bar
to have our fun.
I'm so white.
Oh my God.
Where is God?
I think he's run.

Away from home.
The crumbling homes.
Someone mowed
at the church.
These hardworking farmers
have a definite smirk.

Come here to start a new life.
Tomatoes in the blight.
I can hear the cats fight.
Everyone's so polite.
I saw a man eat cat food.
Said he loved the cat and it was good.
Does love mean more in the midst of strife?

Debris everywhere.
Broken glass and old shoes.
Downtown looks all right.
They say, "Bring home the good news."
Went to the park it's so, so green.
Remember to 
I didn't know Canada was so close.
But two worlds away it seems.

Graffiti on every surface.
Mesmerizing; it's like a drug.
Time to go home
but I think I'm gonna feel a tug.

I have finally been
to America.

Everyone please make a trip to Detroit.

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