Sunday, July 13, 2014

Milwaukee Kind of Home

Just lookin'.

[I woke up the morning I took these photographs to a tiny religious pamphlet sitting outside my apartment that read: Are you a good person? Later on I decided to bike downtown to turn in a job application. Then I remembered that I had been meaning to photograph this curious building that I can always see from the highway that was sort of in the area. I didn't end up finding it, but instead ended up in the very, very Latino portion of Walker's Point. Unfortunately I felt uncomfortable, not because I was suddenly a minority, but because I got a cat call from a group of men. So I turned around. On my way home I passed the building that is pictured above and stopped to photograph it, not immediately realizing that these two women were standing there. They eventually noticed that I was sneakily trying to photograph them. One of them said, "Are these photographs for school?" and I ignored them and quickly biked away. All of a sudden I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of dread that I had just treated two human beings so rudely. I biked back and apologized for ignoring them but told them that I didn't believe in their message. They handed me some pamphlets on something called "black genocide" and "Klan Parenthood." The feeling of dread returned. I biked home.]

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