Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fermentation Fest

Fermentation (Noun)- 
The act or process of fermenting; 
a change brought about by a ferment, as yeast enzymes, 
which convert grape sugar into ethyl alcohol; 
agitation, excitement.

(Verb, used with object)-
To inflame.
"To ferment prejudiced crowds to riot."

Saturday was a long day.

8:00 Woke up
9:00 Checked my car, discovered a mysterious break-in 
9:30 Hit the road with friend Deborah, heading to Fermentation Fest 
10:30 Received a distressed phone call 
11:45 Got stuck in traffic caused by the lingering carcass of a previously burned car
12:30 Arrived in Lime Ridge, WI 
12:30-2 Sat in the sun watching improvisational band under the Harvestore Bandshell and enjoying Amish bakery
2-3 Sunned some more, eating cheese and chatting
3-4 Ate sweet potato fries in a dowdy townie bar 
4 Saw one more stop on the Farm/ Art DTour
4:30 Drove back to Milwaukee
6:50 Regrouped
8:00 Drove to Bay View
10:00 Saw three acts at Cactus Club, the last ending the night in a funereal clash of emotion
1:00 Slept






In the midst of this I remember a conversation with Jay Salinas, co-founder of the Wormfarm Institute that played host to Fermentation Fest. I knew who Jay was before I met him because of a photograph in Shimon and Lindemann's "We Go From Where We Know" exhibition that I saw daily when I worked at JMKAC. I told him this. We proceeded to have a conversation about the Wormfarm and its artist residency program. I remember the most important thing he said: "It's a place for people who are looking for a different way of living in the world. I spend most of my time trying to convince them not to do it." 

In the distance, I could see the Amish family from down the road selling bakery items under a tent. As the day went on, two children from the family stayed at the tent while cars periodically stopped by to purchase items. Deborah and I sat and talked with Johnie and another professor from Lawrence. The sun continued to move downward, casting the famed "golden hour" over all that sat in the field. 

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