Monday, March 2, 2015

Artists Against Scott Walker

I've been scouring the web for the best political art, cartoons, and other memorabilia dedicated to exposing the tyranny of Scott Walker. Artists, this is your chance! Continue to speak out against Wisconsin's corrupt governor. Let the rest of the country know what will happen if we elect him to the presidency in 2016.

[source:, shop: brunopress]

[source:, a Madison-area teacher posted some of her students' artwork on her blog]

[source:, screenprint by Milwaukee artist Colin Matthes]

[source:, this is a screenshot from Barbara J. Miner's book This Is What Democracy Looks Like that chronicles the protests in Madison in 2011]

[my roommate Elena Grijalva found this and posted it on her Facebook page]


[from my own sketchbook]

[source: a comment by user "badscience" on]

[source:, user "LOL GOP"]

And, this beautiful article by Paul G. Hayes in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that refers to Wisconsin as a "grand natural mansion" and mentions Aldo Leopold amongst others who have fought to conserve the beautiful natural landscape of the state.

If ever you feel alone through all of this, just know that the art I've found is not just made by Wisconsin artists. The rest of the country is watching, too. 

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  1. These are all amazing. Thank you so much for compiling them.