Monday, April 13, 2015

Hey, I wrote that page!

I had every intention of making business cards for the opening at the Museum of Wisconsin art last Saturday. My plan was to order some cheap ones from Moo or Vistaprint before the opening, but it just didn't happen. Suddenly it was April 11th and I was at MoWA and I didn't have any.

This left me with the daunting task of telling anyone who cared to listen, "Hey, I wrote the first essay in the exhibition catalog!" which is relatively annoying, and not easy to interject into a conversation unless it is already going the direction of, "So, what are you doing with your life these days?"

To give a little background on what exactly I am talking about right now, I had the super cool opportunity to write a short essay for the exhibition catalog for the show "There's a Place: Photographs by J. Shimon and J. Lindemann" which opened on April 11 at the Museum of Wisconsin Art. It was a learning experience for me, as I have never written an essay of this nature before, and have grown accustomed to writing exclusively on this blog in which I have 100% control over the creative direction of the editing and the voice of the text. I was forced to tone down my piece to the bare minimum of expression that is considered appropriate for an essay in an academic catalog. This was ultimately a positive experience for me, however, and I am glad that I got to work with Julie and Johnie as well as the staff at MoWA to create a piece that I am happy with and fits in well with the other essays. If you haven't seen the catalog yet, here's a link to a downloadable version: There's a Place PDF.

If you think this online version of the book, designed by the legendary designer Dan Saal, is incredible, make sure to check out a physical copy of the book, which can be purchased from MoWA's website. I myself have not seen a physical copy of the book yet because they happened to sell out entirely before I got to the museum store! Bummer! (Although, in some ways I feel like this may have been the only business card I needed…).

As for the exhibition itself, well, this is one of those moments when I'm going to tell you to: Go see it yourself, dummy! It will be up until June 7th. If you live in Milwaukee, you have no excuse to not go, because, as I learned on Saturday, it's an easy and peaceful drive out to West Bend from the city. It may even be better that you missed the opening, because you will have more time to spend with the work in peace and solitude. I can't give an exact estimate of the number of visitors who attended the opening, but the museum was packed. Keith and I had to park in an over flow lot and wade through the packed crowds. Unfortunately, I didn't photograph the day very well, but the dedicated Art Elkon posted a beautiful 148-photo album on Facebook (in which I am somehow conspicuously absent. I'm not mad Art, but come on, I went out and bought a new pair of tights specifically for the event!). Here's the album: There's a Place: Photographs by Art Elkon.

And, just for proof that I was indeed there and wearing awesome tights, here's a picture of me and Deborah in front of a photograph of Julie:

Go to MoWA, read the catalog. Thanks : )

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