Monday, June 22, 2015

Overheard at the Haggerty….

While at the opening of "Current Tendencies IV" at the Haggerty Museum of Art this past Thursday, I heard some things.

-"Your sandwich is ready."
-"He's got an impressive resume."
-"Those Jesuit priests, you know."
-"Don't stick it to him, it's one show."
-"There are three good people in it and they're in this room right now."
-"What's she up to now?" -"She's dead."
-"Trout fishing, I understand."
-"The rumor is that he likes young boys."
-"A highly visible but weirdly forgotten space."
-"I'm lame 100%."
-"He's kind of like a mad scientist."
-"It was a crisis and I kind of like had to completely
reinvent myself."
-"So we got two 'Rachels' and we got two
guys in grey."
-"I'm making this like giant garage sale."
-"Most of everything looks kinda real."
-"Maybe in '83 it was more opaque."
-"If I could eat pine, I would."
-"That might work to your advantage if you're trying to sue them."

Congratulations to Keith, Shane McAdams, and some other dudes! The show looked great!

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