Monday, August 3, 2015

7 Things I Learned at The Poor Farm

1. What a "Poor Farm" is*
2. Wooden crates make great floating devices, specifically at the end of the float when everyone else is cold
3. However, if you are going to take a 4-hour float trip down a river on a wooden crate, bring a butt pad
4. Also, bring lots of food
5. I don't like performance art. I have tried to, but I don't
6. I am a seriously light sleeper. It is a problem. Ear plugs don't even block out enough noise for me to sleep comfortably in most scenarios
7. Celery vinegar makes an amazing additive to an alcoholic beverage

*If you are wondering what a "Poor Farm" is, traditionally, it is a cooperative farm where "poor" or otherwise disadvantaged people would go to work in exchange for room and board. In this context, however, the "Poor Farm" is a property owned by artist Michelle Grabner and her husband and is used as a space for contemporary art exhibits and fun art gatherings like the one I attended this past weekend. The repurposed farm house/property created a warm and inviting venue to view art. Because of the history of the place, it all felt a little bit creepy. But it was also peaceful, somehow. The changing light of the sun made the art look different at each time of day.

Picure stolen from the "Another Lazy River Show Me Your Rafts" Facebook page

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