Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Plates! (Pt. 2)

Last night was the opening of "I made this for you: Small gestures in clay" at the Portrait Society Gallery. At this show, nineteen hand-thrown ceramic plates painted by Milwaukee artists were shown for a project called "The Wisconsin Dinner Party," [referenced in this post from a few weeks back]. Thanks again to all the artists who participated in this fun project! The plates look great, and they were definitely a huge hit with everyone who came to the show.

Mark Lawson and Elizabeth Vogt/ Manty Ellis

Thomas Hellstrom/ Alfred Lundt

Demitra Copoulos/ Marla Sanvick

Rachele Krivichi (that's me!)/ John Shimon

John Shimon and Deborah Levinson/ Barry Lynn

James Pederson/ Rafael Salas

Peter Barrickman/ Didier Leplae

Keith Nelson/ Ron Bitticks

Elly Hazard/ B Mad

Pad Hidson/ Jean Roberts

John Kowalczyk/ Skully Gustafson

John Riepenhoff/ Saige Rowe

Kristina Rolander/ Justin Vernon (Bon Iver)

Evelyn Patricia Terry/ George Ray McCormick Sr.

Nicholas Frank/ Stephanie Barber

Skully Gustafson/ Erik Moore

Debra Brehmer/ Kay Knight

Ney Tait Fraser/ Schomer Lichtner

Debra Brehmer/ Fred Stonehouse

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