Wednesday, July 6, 2016

In Progress #3

Things are still beautiful and challenging on the farm. Last night there was a huge storm and we lost power briefly. It's going to be a hot week and we had the first day of heat yesterday. Mice, spiders, coyotes, cows, continue to remind us that they are our constant companions. But the work progresses! Here is an excerpt from a cool interview I did with some "green" RVers:

"What is one place that you have visited that you wouldn’t have been able to visit without your RV?

There haven’t been places we’ve been able to visit because we have an RV. If anything, certain places are harder to visit because of the size of our RV. Rather, if we weren’t living the nomadic lifestyle, we wouldn’t be able to visit so many places because we weren’t able to dedicate so much time to traveling in our previous lifestyle. We would have said, “We’ll go to XYZ when we have X amount of time.” But the reality of it is that there are too many places to visit and too little time. With our current lifestyle, we’ve essentially created more time and opportunities to travel. In the last year, we’ve been to enough different places to account for 20 years’ worth of 2-week vacations – in a way you could say that every place we visit from now onward is a place we could not have seen otherwise."

I have also launched a Kickstarter to help me fund the printing of my RV book. You can view the full project below. Thanks to everyone who helped me get off to a great start! I'm already closer to achieving my $750 goal. Share with anyone who you think might give a hoot!

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