Monday, July 25, 2016

In Progress #5

Writing a book is hard, guys!

Well, no, I should rephrase that. The actual "writing" isn't that bad. It's the organizing, and the designing, and the getting people to answer to your weird emails that say "Hi I'm writing a book about RVs." That and the panicked nightmares. (Last night I had a dream that the Wisconsin Gazette edited my book and changed it to something more "marketable" which included changing the title, and the entire layout.)

I'm reallllly hoping to finish everything by the end of my stay at the Wormfarm, but it is all dependent on other people getting back to me. This is a relatively annoying position to be in, because other people are generally incompotent (at least in my experience).

In the meantime, here's one last sketch to tide you over. By the next time I write I hope I'll be saying I'M DONEZO.

P.S. Thank again to all those who contributed to my Kickstarter! As you know I'm FUNDEDDDD. However, you may still order a book if you'd like by August 4th.

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