Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Art Horoscope

March Art Horoscope

In March you will be motivated by the turbulent ebb and flow of political events in America. You will feel an obligation, not only by your country, but by other artists who are reacting to the uprooting of the country's political system. Art that you made previous to this month will feel irrelevant in the wake of current events, and you might throw some of it in the garbage. Your inspiration will come from important figures such as Jerry Saltz, Ai Wei Wei, and the Guerrilla Girls. You may find yourself engaging in much more chanting than in January and February, and may do some crowdfunding in order to plaster your political message on billboards around your city. At the end of the month you will feel tired, confused, angry, and might look something like this:

But don't give up. April will bring a new wave of positivity as the moons of Venus and Mercury increase their rotational speed.

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